Carnival Court – Information & Conditions of Entry

Information & Conditions of Entry

Before you enter this competition, you should be aware of the following conditions;

Minimum Age; The candidate must have attained her 9th Birthday by 1st August 2018.

Maximum Age; The candidate must not have attained her 17th Birthday by 1st August 2018.

The selected applicants will take up reign for 1 year on Saturday 21st July 2018 and relinquish their duties after all official activities have been completed on the next crowning date (to be announced) but will be no later than Saturday. 1st August 2019.

You must be able to attend the following;

  1. Every day of Carnival Week (30th July – 4th August).
  2. With the exception of family holidays etc., most Saturdays up to September of this year and June and July of the following summer, for all day visits to other Carnivals.
  3. The King/Queen and Court will also be required to attend many dances and other functions on Saturday nights during the winter months and occasionally other nights.
  4. Applicants who recently served as members of the court in past 12 months cannot apply for a court position in follow year.  However they can act as a deputy in the same rank(Queen would be deputy Queen, princess would be a deputy princess etc). This is at the discretion of the Chaperone.

All Day Functions:

These usually are from 9am. – 6pm. On these occasions the Court attend other Carnival Processions, there is normally a fete or small fair so a small amount of money may be required if you wish to purchase anything. A meal is normally provided this would be a buffet usually at tea time so you may need to bring a packed lunch on most occasions. Where possible the Court will be notified well in advance of any function, however sometimes invitations may be at short notice.  There is some waiting around before Processions so perhaps a magazine or personal music player etc, to occupy you would be a good idea. The Court will always be accompanied by a female Chaperone and must obey any instructions given.  You may take a mobile phone with you, however there will be times especially during judging and the procession were you not be allowed to use it.

Evening Functions:

These are normally from 7.30 to 11pm., usual departure times 6 – 7pm., from Maldon returning home about midnight depending on location of venue. A disco is the usual theme for these dances. Raffles are held at the evening functions if you wish to purchase tickets the normal cost is £1.00.  There is quite often a competition and you will be expected to take part. Most functions have facilities for soft drinks and food and the Chaperone will provide these for you. All drinks will be strictly NON ALCOHOLIC. No member of the Court will be allowed to buy drink from a licensed bar.(even if you are older than eighteen). At no time is any member of the Court allowed to SMOKE while in regalia. Friends and family are welcome to attend evening functions at the discretion of the Chaperone. The court cannot use a mobile phone at any of the Carnival dances but can have them for emergencies.    Other electrical items such as tablets and computers are at the discretion of the chaperone.

General Conditions

The Chaperone has the power to suspend any member of the Court if they fail to comply with the rules or behave in a manner detrimental to Maldon Carnival.

A no time should the Court make statements to the press. All press statements must be made through the Press Officer.

No member of the Court may attend any function purporting to represent Maldon Carnival without the Chaperone or her permission.

Maldon Carnival will provide the following: 1 Cloak 1 Float dress, 1 Evening dress, Crown/Tiara and sash. These will remain the property of the Maldon Carnival apart from the sash which you will be allowed to keep as a memento. You will be required to provide white shoes and a white handbag. The shoes must be serviceable as they must be worn at every function, day and evening. Quite often the fete/fair after the Procession is held on a field and is often wet.

You will be expected to clean and care for your dresses and sash and unless notified you will wear full regalia at all times and it is expected that you will be presentable at all times while in regalia as you are an ambassador for the town.

Photographs or video taken of the Court may be in the public domain.

At all times whilst in regalia or attending an official function you will have to abide by the Chaperones instructions even if parents are present.

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